Working in HIS

We are a team of 700 people and we are a leading organization that provides high-qualified construction implementations for international and local industrial projects. We have successfully accomplished several water & sewerage projects, wastewater treatment projects, and water pipeline projects.

Our vision is to be an Azerbaijani originated and internationally accepted contractor company. That is a big challenge. As an organization, we should transform to meet this challenge. We are committed to investing in our biggest assets-people as a part of this process. Such an environment brings exciting opportunities for employees.

We ensure equal employment opportunity in our company.

Values and expected behaviors

Communication, collaboration, taking an initiative and innovativeness are the main expected valuable behaviors of our team, which inspire each employee during his/her HIS life.

Employee relations and career growth

Our HR approach is based on the understanding of personal expectations through structured regular face to face meetings. We believe that, career growth should be align both with company vision and employee expectations.


HIS’s recruitment is based on the requirements of the strategic business plan together with current project demands. We use an efficient, non-discriminatory and systematic method of hiring and selecting the right people to fill our vacant positions.

We encourage all interested candidates and applicants who want to pursue a career in HIS to submit CVs to recruiter@hidro-insaat.com and indicate the position applying for in the subject line.

Candidates, which have more suitability, are contacted. Remaining candidates are added to the candidate pool of the company to be considered for the future opportunities.